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Over the course of his long and successful but also controversial career, Dr. Daniel Pauly has set himself the huge task of reconstructing the global (read more…)

Dr. Rainer Froese, FIN Board Chair, FishBase Project Coordinator and one of its esteemed (read more…)


sympologo_webFor more than a decade now, the FishBase Symposium is organized annually together with the FishBase Consortium Annual Meeting. This year, the FishBase Symposium will be hosted by the FishBase Information and Research Group, Inc. (FIN) in Los Baños, Philippines, to mark the 25th and 10th year anniversaries of FishBase and SealifeBase, respectively. The theme for the 13th Annual Symposium is “FishBase and SeaLifeBase for Teaching and Research in Aquatic Science” which aims to promote a deeper understanding of why and how FishBase and SeaLifeBase can be used for teaching and research in the Philippines. The symposium will be attended by invited speakers from local universities and research institutions, FishBase Consortium members who themselves use FishBase in teaching ichthyology courses and offer FishBase workshops regularly, and students (read more…)